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In an effort to expand our advocacy and prevention programs for the youth and families in the State of Delaware, Duffy’s Hope Inc. is pleased to announce the 2024 start-up of the Duffy’s Hope Transitional Residence Program


As a means to prevent homelessness amongst our youth, we have been inspired and afforded the opportunity through a grant from New Castle County to create a Housing Opportunity for the Personal Enrichment of young women ages 18-23, who are transitioning out of the foster-care system in the State of Delaware.

We believe that
 every person, regardless of their life’s journey; should be afforded the opportunity, the resources and the encouragement to rise above their circumstances and have the ability to become successful and live a life of self-sufficiency. Our initiative through this newly designed program is to mitigate the risk of houselessness for youth as they transition out of the foster care system.
The transition for young people who exit foster care not through reunification, adoption, or legal guardianship, but rather by aging out, is much more abrupt (Osgood, Foster, Courtney 2010). At age 18 or, in some states, at age 21, these young adults are expected to shift from being dependents of the state to being independent young adults virtually overnight. As part of the accelerated transition (Wade and Dixon 2006), young people aging out of foster care must find and maintain suitable housing—in most cases, with little or no support from either their family or the state (Brown and Wilderson 2010).
The mission of The H.O.P.E Program (THP), is not only to meet the basic human need of providing shelter, stable housing and a well-built and safe dwelling; but to provide a platform that will promote positive outcomes through our efforts in M.e.e.t.i.n.g each individual where they are. We will do this by:
 Nurturing and
each young adult as they reach the crossroad into adulthood. This is most certainly important during the developmental ages of 18-23.
When relationships contain value and trust, people are more apt to open up. It gives the green light to share ideas, contribute to an initiative and work together to resolve issues in order to meet a specific goal. Our goal through THP is to see each young woman succeed.
Through our pilot 12–18 month program, we intend to create a safe environment where these young women feel safe and comfortable when meeting new people and creating connections to empower themselves and build self-esteem.

“Their Future – Their Voice”

By empowering these individuals to share and voice any concerns pertaining to their future, we will encourage them to contribute to the decisions that directly impact their lives. We welcome their feedback and any input that could benefit us in making this program stronger.
While aiming to close the gap on any disparities and various potential negative outcomes, our approach through (THP) is to create a transitional living program where we will further promote self-sufficiency, education, preparation for employment, mental and physical health and the growth and development of each individual in our care.
THP plans to strategically build close collaborations with like-minded professionals who possess a genuine interest and compassion in using their knowledge, skills, expertise and lived experiences to personally connect with and educate each individual. By providing new connections within our community, it is our belief that we can make a huge impact on the direction and outcome of each young woman’s future.
While promoting a healthy progression into adulthood; We will forge a solid foundation through these collective partnerships that will focus on the emotional, psychological and physical development that is needed to further support and equip our young adults as they evolve from the foster care system.



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